Frozen Snow Castle | Snow survival map


 I've been playing on this experimental world and world type/map that I came up with for more than two weeks, precisely 20 days. I kept polishing it and building my own castle in the middle of a frozen ocean for safety reason. Now that I feel that my base is pretty much completed and all is left are the default game goals such as beating the Ender Dragon, Wither etc. I thought it'd be nice sharing it.



All the features of my Frozen Hell data pack which are:


  • The day broke. The sun isn't even visible. It's gone...
    • The overworld is frozen, mostly inhospitable, desolate

    • Resources are very scarce

    • In the overworld almost everything is covered in ice and snow
    • The other dimensions are unaffected
    • No animals, villagers and pillagers can exists in these cold environments above ground. They either died or turned into zombies
    • No plant can stay alive without care in this freezing cold. No crops grow in villages

    • Plant life is also dead. Flowers withered long ago and grass can't grow

    • Plant life is mostly dead underwater too, however fish and squids are still alive beneath the ice and they can drop kelp, which the player can cultivate to a viable food source by building kelp farms. Perhaps easier than killing 120 zombies for a wheat seed

    • Undead and otherworldly mobs can withstand the cold such as skeletons, strays, zombies, zombie villagers and endermen
    • Villages are rundown and uninhabited
    • All the artificial heat/light sources are depleted. No torches or lanterns in villages
    • Trees are petrified. They're useless. One must be resourceful with wood for a good while and your best bet is to disassemble shipwrecks and village remains

    • Igloos are very important. They're the only source of living beings for deep down in the depths they could still survive, imprisoned, waiting for someone to rescue them
    • Trying to survive, the last of the villagers have brought seeds of all sorts and some food with themselves before dying miserably to the cold
    • As a small help ice blocks can be mined without silk touch

    • Unique music resource pack to make the world feel more desolate and uncaring
      Nether mobs drop crimson/warped nylium/fungi

    • The player's body temperature constantly drops in cold biomes and if it goes very low, the player will take freezing damage

    • This won't kill the player but similarly to poisoning will leave them with half heart, basically half dead.

    • To fill up the heat bar one need to stay over 12 light level for example standing next to torches, campfires, glowstones etc.

    • To avoid freezing one can hold any light block (torches, glowstone, bucket of lava, lanterns etc.) except for campfire in either of their hands.

    • This won't fill up the temperature meter but will keep it at a level.

All the features of my Learn From You Own Deeds data pack which are:

    • Whatever you do and break with tools gains you one orb of experience

    • Taming animals gains you experience

    • Breeding animals gains you experience

    • Digging gains you experience

    • Mining gains you experience

    • Building gains you experience

    • Dodging with shield gains you experience

    • Deflecting arrows gains you experience

    • Cultivating farmland gains you experience

    • Returning fire charge to the ghasts killing them gains you experience

    • Shooting with bows and crossbows gains you experience

    • Throwing the trident gains you experience

    • Brewing potions gains you experience

    • Engaging with skeletons in sniper duel from 40 meters gains you experience

    • Enchanting also gains you a small portion of experience for obviously once becomes more versed in enchanting

    • Harvesting honey gains you experience

    • Finding end cities gains you experience


All the features of my Backwards Crafting | Salvage & Disassemble Items! data pack which are:

    • Items that were previously craftable such as enchanted golden apple, horse armors and the likes are available to craft again

    • Most materials are useable in blast furnace for example sand

    • If I'm correct the vast majority of items that would be salvageable in real life can be disassembled at the crafting table, smelted in furnaces or cut in the stone cutter

    • Most of the recipes are balanced and you can get the exact amount of materials back by salvaging the item

    • If an item is made of several different materials you can experiment by trying at the crafting table, furnace, blast furnace, stonecutter and blacksmith table then next time remembering the recipe choose the one you find most useful

  • All the features of Eglaios' Quick Stacker data pack
  • Snow castle as base
  • Ice watchtower
  • Mines
  • Netherite mines
  • Crimson fungi farm
  • Sweet berry farm for food
  • Sugar cane farm for enchanting material
  • Mending villager
  • Level 63
  • Enchanted mid-level diamond gear
  • Maxed enchanting table
  • Warming room to fill up your heat meter easily


You can disable specific data packs in the game with the /datapack command if you turn on cheats but if you don't want to just open the world save folder and delete the wished .zip file. Remember, this can make the world/save unstable. However, you can remove mostly everything and the game will probably still be stable enough but don't try to remove my Frozen Hell and Cold Temperatures data pack for the map is based on them thus will probably result in unforeseen consequences.