Learn From Your Deeds | Gain Experience From Everything!

As I was playing in a world with my Frozen Hell data pack I got really annoyed that while I was escaping from hundreds of zombies I didn't really have an option to level up and remembered how experience system works in 7 Days To Die. You gain experience for building, digging, everything you do. So that's what I tried to do. Big thanks goes to HoboMaggot for it's not the first time he/she helped me. Another round of appreciation goes to Minecraft commands discord channel users, especially to PuckiSilver#2557 who basically walked me through in achieving my data pack idea.


  • Whatever you do and break with tools gains you one orb of experience
  • Taming animals gains you experience
  • Breeding animals gains you experience
  • Digging gains you experience
  • Mining gains you experience
  • Building gains you experience
  • Dodging with shield gains you experience
  • Deflecting arrows gains you experience
  • Cultivating farmland gains you experience
  • Returning fire charge to the ghasts killing them gains you experience
  • Shooting with bows and crossbows gains you experience
  • Throwing the trident gains you experience
  • Brewing potions gains you experience
  • Engaging with skeletons in sniper duel from 40 meters gains you experience
  • Enchanting also gains you a small portion of experience for obviously once becomes more versed in enchanting
  • Harvesting honey gains you experience
  • Finding end cities gains you experience

Why is this data pack good?
With the help of Learn From Your Deeds! you can find alternative methods to level up and gain experience for your enchantments. You don't have to go looking for ores and mine for hours, or keep killing mobs, build extensive experience farms that otherwise you wouldn't. Do it your own way. You want to be a beekeeper and live solely for your bees? Go for it. You want to be a farmer and cultivate hundreds of blocks with crops? Do it. You want to build extensive buildings and be an architect? Alright! You can play your preferred game style yet you still won't miss the required experience for enchanting.

If you encounter any bug or issue that you find not listed in the features feel free to contact me and we'll see to find a solution for it.

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