Creeper Spleef

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Hi everyone!


This is a minigame map which I made with some friends! 


The instructions are simple, as seen ingame:


 As well as some other options, there are a few different maps you can choose! Here is a sample:


Creeper Face:






Fortress Defence:



Glass Forest:



Highway (After a game has been played on it):



So hang around, sit in the chairs in the lobby, then knock all your friends out of the arena with creepers!


If you are setting up a server with this minigame, here are a few important things to note:

  • You need to use Minecraft 1.8 or higher.
  • Command blocks must be enabled.
  • Spawn protection must be off.
  • The starting gamemode must be adventure or survival.
  • I'd recommend setting pvp off so you can't hit eachother with the knockback items.



None for the current version!


Older Versions:


By WSOT, me (Tmtravlr), and Old One.





And yes, I should mention that there was a map named Creeper Spleef from AdventureCraft many years ago, and quite a few other maps with that name as well. The name may not be unique, but hopefully you enjoy it regardless! =) 



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