City of Waterton

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The Modern city of Waterton

LEAVE COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, AND THOUGHTS ON THE FORUM THREAD: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/maps/2400631-city-map-waterton-a-modern-city-v-0-1-6-21k


-NOTE: This project is, for now, abandoned.-


This project has things such as a Stadium, Mall, Skyscrapers, Train yard, Airport, and more! This was created (almost) all by myself. Lots off on and off work. Sometimes having up to a few weeks between working on it. This was first thought up of back in March 2014. The first tests and worlds came in April. Took me a while before I settled on a world. I created the initial section by using World Painter, and I'm adding on from there.


Keep in mind, there isn't going to be insane godly detail and stuff blah blah blah, etc because quite frankly, this is pretty much worked on solely, and I do get bored every now and then. Also I'm a bit rusty with interiors. The city is also subject to having buildings updated, reworked, and replaced completely. And in the distant future, possibly even an entire section of the city may get reworked. The map is good for filming Machinimas, Roleplays, etc. Fun just to mess around on!


This was built on a private server. So every now and then I'd invite some friends to goof off on and stuff. So that will explain anything that may seem... Out of place.


I feel it's worth noting this is inspired by New York, lots of Frankfurt, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, some UAE and Hong Kong as well.


Terms of use:

-Have fun
-Link when used in video
-Ask before using on a server -Breath
-Play Minceraft
-Other stuff I'm missing...
It'll come to me later.

Do not:
-Re-post on any other site, even with credit
-Claim this as yours or I will rip your face off
-Make a video and don't post a link
-No reposting
-Combust into flames as it's not healthy
-Touch the flying whale
-Use this or parts of this map, or replicate it without my permission
-Use this in a Youtube thumbnail not related to the project or you will be taken down

Feel free to suggest building ideas. I could also use feedback and thoughts on this, as stuff like that keeps me going on creating and adding on to this titanic project. Even suggestions to personalize certain rooms of buildings, provided you send a picture first. As I need all the inspiration I can get.