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Zero Racer

Zero Racer is as of this time the only working Race Car minigame map in Minecraft! This originally started as tests, then began to grow into an entire project. Work was first started around March of 2015. I decided to change them to Hovercars because I wasn't sure how to animate block models. I also wanted to go for something new. Partial inspiration for this project came from Mario Kart and F-Zero. Some of the tracks may be influenced by Hotwheels Highway 35 and Acceleracers!
NOTE: This map uses a resource pack that is packed inside the .zip file. This map is also in open Beta. So be wary!


-Blue Shell [Currently goes rogue. Will be fixed in the future]
-Red Shell
-Green Shell

You have the ability to select Car bodies too! There are 2 different types of vehicles. Bikes, and Cars. Bikes are slower, but more able to take sharp curves and better able to use powerups. Cars are much faster, and in the future may use a Nitrous-like function that requires charging. However, they have a wide turning radius to compensate and are less able to use powerups than bikes.

You can select Tracks too!

Possible future features:

-Adjusting Blue Shell's target because as it stands it's currently rogue

-Boost system to go even faster!


Big shout out to Opl for his model creator! Give him some well deserved credit, folks! :)

Another shout out to my good friend SuperKael! He helped fix a lot on this map. Go check out his mods!

It is nearly required that you give me feedback, note bugs and exploits, find issues, and suggest additions. This map also has a resource pack in the .zip file!

On a side note, I stopped caring about false claims and such. Go ahead. Bite me. If I'm happy with the work with me and my friends have done, why I should care about silly people obsessed with flaming others?