A Hero's Journey

Last Updated: Nov 2, 2017 Game Version: 1.11.2


Aug 23, 2017

Owner: craftdiamonds

Welcome to another Adventure Map called A Hero's Journey! 

*Note - Custom Texture Pack is included in the map .zip * 

File Size: 61.70 MB 

The world of the Everlands was at peace on a dark and stormy night. 
Until a brutal King names King Pixel wreaked havoc on the town of hiddenburg. 
He killed many of the town and kidnapped Princess Clover. 

The few that were still alive were converted into Minions which King Pixel placed around the world to wreak havoc on the lands! 
You (and possibly your friends) will have to defeat many of his minions and save Princess Clover and the Everlands!! 

~This Map Includes~ 
-Side Quests 
-Custom Mobs 
-Custom Trades 
-Custom Items 
-A Small Custom Resource Pack 
-Custom Music 

This map includes four classes that all have different move sets 

Knight - The defensive class that is equipped with a shield 
Swordman - The attack class that comes with a powerful sword 
Archer - The range class that comes with a bow and speed 
Mage - The mixed class that has abilities such as fire, knockback, and damage. 

~Side Quests~ 
This map has many side quests which you will find in the map <3 

Please Make sure you have these settings or the map WILL bug 
This map was beta tested many times to ensure good gameplay 

Render Distance - Min of 14 
Jukebox and Records - 35% 
Clouds - OFF 
Graphics - FAST 
Texture Pack - ON 
Version - 1.11.2 
Players - 1-4 
Estimated Play Time: 45-60 Mins 

~Special Thanks~ 
Map made by - craftdiamonds 
Beta Tested by - Diomancer 
Beta Tested by - NetherRecker 
Beta Tested by - jhmaster2000 
Beta Tested by - Snadro 
Beta Tested by - HypixelVirus 
Beta Tested by - Anemeethious 
Special Thanks to - IcyClover 
Special Thanks to - The Forum Jelly Guild 
Special Thanks to - The Hypixel Forums 

~Tools Used~ 
Structure Blocks 
Texture Pack Created with - http://minecraft.novaskin.me/resourcepacks 
Classes and Trades Created With - https://minecraftcommand.science/ 
Mobs/Chat/Bosses/Title/Custom Signs/Player Heads - http://minecraft.tools/en/ 

Many tracks were used in this map and are youtube appropriate 
These are non-lyric songs 

Custscene/End Scene - Fnaf World Pinwheel Circus Noteblock Re-Mix 
Forest Plains Area: General Forest Sounds 
Wetlands - Spirit Of the Wetlands Piano Tiles 2 
Elvin Town - Elves of the Night Piano Tiles 2 
First Boss - Adventures End Noteblock Re-Mix 
Final Boss - Through the Fire and Flames Noteblock Re-Mix 
Plains Area - Dance Of the Fireflies Piano Tiles 2 







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