Lucky Block Creeper

Last Updated: Jan 7, 2018 Game Version: 1.8.9


Feb 28, 2016

Owner: craftdiamonds



===1.8/1.8.9 Lucky block Creeper===


Hello everyone this is a new 1.8 lucky block addon called The Creeper Lucky Block! This Lucky Block is in the newest lucky block update. The One with the new weapons :D The Crafting Recipe is 8 GunPower all around with 1 block of tnt in the middle! This Block Has Many Drops. All Mod Credit of the Lucky Block Mod to Player in Distress ! This Block has 355 Drops ! Enjoy :D


How to Install

#1 Download and set up the latest version of 1.8 or 1.8.9 forge. (Your choice of what version)

#2 Download the new 1.8 lucky block mod (or 1.8.9)

#3 Download the Lucky Block Creeper

#4 Go to .minecraft

#5 Create a mod folder if you do not have one

#6 Open Minecraft 1.8 forge in your launcher and start minecraft (or 1.8.9)

#7 close minecraft

#8 Put the Lucky Block Mod into the Mods folder

#9 Open And Close Minecraft Again

#10 See the new folder addons Drag the Creeper Lucky Block into the folder

#11 Open the addons folder and drag the lucky block creeper in to the folder in the addons folder called lucky_block

#12 Open 1.8 forge on the Minecraft launcher and start playing and Have fun :D (or 1.8.9 forge)


Warning: This lucky block while awesome it can also be deadly please make sure you create a back up world for safety





1.8 Forge - Minecraft Forge or 1.8.9 Forge

1.8/1.8.9 Lucky Block Mod Combat Update - 1.8 Lucky Block Mod




Creeper Lucky Block

Minecraft Fourms OR Curse OR Minecraft Forums 1.9 Lucky Block Creeper


Endermen Lucky Block

Minecraft Forums OR Curse


Zombie Lucky Block

Minecraft Forums Or Curse



Mod Reviews/Challenges





You are allowed to
Use this mod in any map and video provided you put the links to the block in the map post or Video Description
Config this block but not using it in any way beside playing with it 
Use this mod in any mini game you have created
Create a Lucky Block Race Using this Block 
Use this block in a Multiplayer server as long as the Lucky Block is Credited and Given Permission
PM me is you have any questions of what you can do



You Are NOT allowed too

Using this the Config Files for you own Block
Configing this block and then posting it
Post this block and take all credit or posting it at all
Using my block drops for your own Addon Without Permission from Me
Not Have FUN


Enjoy the Block
If you have any Questions Let me Know in the comments!

A Bit of credit to

LeagueEliteGaming For helping me create the Creeper Lucky Weapons And Helping me get to 1.7.10
Creator of the Camel Lucky Block




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