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Bright, smooth, simple, and unrealistic! This texturepack is the fruit of hundreds of hours of passionate effort put into a beautiful creation. Step into my world and enjoy the experience I've crafted.


An important goal of this pack's design is to avoid high contrast textures that have too much detail and become painful to look at after long periods of time. I personally prefer textures that smooth out and become cleaner the farther away you are, rather than the opposite of becoming a distracting muddy noise when you're far away.


I've made it an important goal of the pack to keep block color palettes and identities close to the vanilla game so that creations made in vanilla or alongside other players should look good for everyone when you use this pack.


Due to artistic style I use for these textures some users have reported minimal performance impact compared to other packs in this resolution or higher. I've always liked 64x resolution as a good middle ground between HD textures and performance on low end PCs. When I first started making this texturepack I had a PC with 256MB! of video memory and was able to run it with good framerates. Even if you feel like you have a bad computer, simplistic packs like this one are still worth trying out.


If you feel that most packs out there, that aren't upgraded variations on the default textures or outright cartoon packs (Ex. Sphax BD), are too dark or have too much contrast or too much realism, then give this one a try.

  • As of the 1.19 (b) release version:
  • 100% Blocks
  • 99.9% Items are done, only missing a few obscure technical items no one ever sees anyway.
  • GUI is completely retextured with the exception of the "toasts" which I felt thematically should just stay the defaults, and any of the GUI textures associated with Minecraft Realms. Doubt I will ever feel the need to do those.
  • 100% Particles folder including all the new stuff from 1.19.
  • A lot of the most important mobs have been retextured. Some pretty obvious mobs are still missing textures and villagers are partially complete due to the transition to 1.14 texture formats. I try to get these done as I find the inspiration for it but I have always found that untextured mob entities are not that big a deal in terms of texture pack gameplay.

This pack is in a highly playable state. The 1.18 (b) update was a milestone that finally caught up the missing block textures going all the way back as far as 1.13. It was a long, multi-year grind for me to reach that point. Updates for the 1.19 era see a pack that is very close to complete again.


I have been inspired greatly by artists like Steelfeathers, Aegeon, 42and19, and many others who I both respect and look up to. My skill as a texture artist has grown substantially as a result of my work on this pack. I'm certain the oldest texture fans out there will remember at least one of the, in total, dozens of packs these original pathfinders published between them.


I create all of my textures using the GIMP because I find it to be my favorite tool for creating pixel perfect low resolution art. Other tools I've used have had a history of making it difficult or outright impossible to edit individual pixels in a way that isn't destructive to neighboring pixels. (Looking at you, older versions of Photoshop! >:O)


Please feel free to post a comment and give feedback!