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2.8M Downloads Updated Aug 13, 2022 Created Oct 20, 2021

Adds 10 various custom frames for use with Legendary Tooltips.

5.7M Downloads Updated Jun 12, 2021 Created Jul 6, 2019

32X Textures for Lycanites Mobs

5.1M Downloads Updated Aug 6, 2022 Created Jun 17, 2020

The Offical Pixelmon Mod OST by Chris Geddes

2.4M Downloads Updated Jun 17, 2022 Created Jul 14, 2021

For use with the Advancement Plaques mod, gives them a look of embellished stone.

599K Downloads Updated Aug 6, 2022 Created Jan 14, 2021

The original Minecraft texture feel, with double the resolution and double the fun!

3.8M Downloads Updated Jun 7, 2022 Created Jul 14, 2018

Incredible attention to detail brings a cohesive experience like no other

263K Downloads Updated Apr 7, 2022 Created Mar 30, 2022

Minecraft resource pack that changes the vanilla paintings into art from Kehaans modpacks pack art.

362K Downloads Updated Jul 22, 2022 Created Oct 20, 2021

The one true Conquest_™ Experience

919K Downloads Updated Aug 27, 2022 Created Sep 6, 2020

Epic Adventures is a stylized realistic fantasy themed 32X pack with an emphasis on immersion....

255K Downloads Updated May 31, 2022 Created Jan 31, 2022

Resource Pack for the modpacks Pokehaan Craft and Pokehaan Craft Lite

122K Downloads Updated Jul 11, 2022 Created Jul 11, 2022

RPG Swords and Tools for PVP (includes custom PVP Crosshair too!)

1.2M Downloads Updated Aug 3, 2022 Created Jul 26, 2019

A 32x32 resourcepack, which revamps the complete visual appearance of the game.

169K Downloads Updated Feb 14, 2022 Created Feb 14, 2022

This resource pack adds a slightly improved version of vanilla Minecraft font (32x version)

578K Downloads Updated Aug 20, 2022 Created Nov 18, 2019

A pure pixel art pack with an adventurous feel.

166K Downloads Updated Sep 2, 2022 Created Aug 23, 2021

32x resource pack focused at modded Minecraft with crazy attention to details

402K Downloads Updated Apr 7, 2022 Created Jan 4, 2021

This is a separate resource pack for Farming Valley and Farming Valley Lite

1.3M Downloads Updated May 5, 2022 Created Jul 18, 2013

Default-Style, but Smooth, Detailed, & Pretty

525K Downloads Updated Jun 30, 2022 Created Aug 20, 2016

The resourcepack designed for the Conquest Reforged Mod

41.3K Downloads Updated Aug 19, 2022 Created Apr 24, 2022

Smooth Font Texture Pack (32x)

31.7K Downloads Updated Sep 11, 2022 Created Jun 7, 2022

Classic Ozocraft with updates