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3,700 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 15, 2020 Game Version: 1.14.4


Super Minecraft Mario Maker!

A must for every Mario fan:

-Super Mario Bros 1 2 and 3 (Normal and Allstar)

-Super Mario World

-Super Mario 64

-Super Mario Sunshine

-New Super Mario Bros

-Super Mario 3D Land

-Paper Mario

-Super Mario Land

-Super Mario Maker

-Mario galaxy

-Yoshies Island


(Nearly) Every mainline game is included!


What makes this pack different from other Mario Packs are the custom entity models and biom specific textures


The pack requires Optifine to work. 


It includes a Lot of Iconic Mario Textures but also some new ones.

The models of most of the entities and blocks are altered.

In the "American English" Language some Names are chagend to

-> The anvil is a Thwomp


One file is the music pack. it only includes music.

So if you like the Mario music you should download it too.


I updated the pack to the latest pack format. Maybe I missed some textures.

If you find a missing texture / a not chaged one please write it in the comments.


Plans (Please give feadback and post ideas):

-Mario Land Biome

1.16 Plans:

-Hoglin: Bully

-warped forest: Rotten Mushroom Forest

-Nether Armor: Dark (Bowser) Armor

-soul sand valley: Drybone Desert


Rights of most of the textures and sounds by Nintendo!!!

And Lizenses are Lizenses

Dont steal it (Moldomre...)


If you have further ideas for the pack than feel free to leave a comment below.

(Like Mario Enemys that should be in the pack)




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