The pack requires Optifine to load all Features.

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Welcome to the contentwise biggest Super Mario Texturepack out there!

Super Mario Craft!

For all players and fans of legendary and unrepeatable Super Mario games, you will find a resource

pack which contains not just textures but also popular music from Super Mario game. It fully transforms your game experience.

Now you ask youself ... why another mario pack ... they are all the same.

And I have a answer to that reasonable question. What makes this pack different from other Mario Packs are the custom entity models (cem), biom specific textures and the gigantic amount of conected textures (ctm). It also has an "Itembound like" extention (cit)

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Biome List:

SMW Grass Theme: plains, hills
SMB3 Basic Theme: Badlands
SM3DW Grass Theme: birch forest, mushroom fields
SMB2 Grass Theme: savana
SMB1 Allstars Grass Theme: taiga
SMB3 Allstars Theme: flower forest

Desert Theme: desert

SMW Snow Theme: ice spikes, snowy mountains, snowy tundra

SMW Forest Theme: forest
SMB1+2 Forest Theme: jungle
Ghost Forest: dark oak forest

NSMB Mountain Theme: gravelly mountains
NSMB Sky Montain Theme: mountains
SMW Sky Theme: end

SMW Underwater Theme: cold ocean, frozen ocean, river
NSMB Wii Underwater Theme: ocean
NSMB U Underwater Theme: warm ocean, lukewarm ocean

SMW Bowsers World: nether wastes


If you create a trailer or a review of this pack you will get a toad featuring your skin in the game.

It'll possibly get featured on this side too!

Just inform me about the video.

If you would like to customize the pack a bit you can install some of my custom addons:



We also look for a programmer that can do minecraft functions:

A function pack that enhances the mario feel even more!

(Nearly) Every mainline game is included and therefore a must have for every Mario fan:

 -Super Mario Bros 1 2 and 3 (Normal and Allstar)

- Super Mario World

- Super Mario 64

- Super Mario Sunshine

- New Super Mario Bros

- Super Mario 3D Land

- Paper Mario

- Super Mario Land

- Super Mario Maker

- Mario galaxy

- Yoshie's Island


And also some not Mario ones (mostly with cit):

- Zelda

- Metroid

- Kid Icarus

- Kirby

- Sonic

- ssmb

- undertale



Cit list (Rename items to get new textures)

Download the showcase map here.

(name | item | enchant) (comment)


Hammer | any_sword (-gold) | knockback

Golden Hammer | gold_sword | knockback

Fire Bar Sword | any_sword | fire_aspect

Links Sword | wooden_sword

Lynel Sword | diamond_sword | sharpness

Savage Lynel Sword | diamond_sword | sharpness

Sword Of Despair | diamond_sword | sharpness

Ultra Sword | diamond_sword | sharpness

Bat | any_sword

Nintendo Power Glove | Iron Sword

Bow / Crossbow:

Wand | Bow

Bullet Bill Launcher | crossbow

Gust Bellows | Bow | punch

Link Bow | Bow

Star Rod | Bow

Palutenas Bow | Bow

Silver Bow | Bow

Arrow Of Light | Bow | unbreaking power punch flame

Daybreak | Bow | power punch flame

Nintendo Super Scope | bow

Nintendo Zapper | bow


Hyrule Shield | shield

Back Shield | shield

Mirror Shield | shield | unbreaking


Home Run Bat | wooden_axe | knockback

Beam Sword | golden_hoe iron_hoe diamond_hoe

Kirby Hammer | iron_axe

Ore Club | stone_axe iron_axe diamond_axe | knockback

Potathoe | any_hoe


Mario Hat | golden_helmet iron_helmet diamond_helmet

Mario Jacket | golden_chestplate iron_chestplate diamond_chestplate

Mario Leggings | golden_leggings iron_leggings diamond_leggings

Mario Boots | golden_boots iron_boots diamond_boots

Luigi Hat | golden_helmet iron_helmet diamond_helmet

Luigi Jacket | golden_chestplate iron_chestplate diamond_chestplate

Luigi Leggings | golden_leggings iron_leggings diamond_leggings

Luigi Boots | golden_boots iron_boots diamond_boots

Black Shellmet | chainmail_helmet

Spiny Shellmet | chainmail_helmet

Mario Head | chainmail_helmet

Blue Shell | chainmail_chestplate

Red Shell | chainmail_chestplate

Golden Shell | chainmail_chestplate

Bomb Shell | chainmail_chestplate

Underground Shell | chainmail_chestplate

Bowser Shell | diamond_chestplate

Super Feather | elytra

Chamions Tunic | chainmail_chestplate golden_chestplate iron_chestplate diamond_chestplate

Link Hat | golden_helmet iron_helmet diamond_helmet

Link Jacket | golden_chestplate iron_chestplate diamond_chestplate

Link Leggings | golden_leggings iron_leggings diamond_leggings

Link Boots | golden_boots iron_boots diamond_boots

Pegasus Wings | elytra | unbreaking

Cardboard Helmet | chainmail_helmet

Totem of undying / golden apple:

smb2 1-up | totem_of_undying

Special Flag | totem_of_undying

Heart Container | golden_apple enchanted_golden_apple

Triforce | totem_of_undying

Maximum Tomato | golden_apple

Drink Of Gods | golden_apple enchanted_golden_apple

Soul Of Determination | totem_of_undying

Nes Controller | totem_of_undying

Rob | totem_of_undying


Hammer | snowball (Hammer Bro)

Iceball | snowball

Baseball | snowball (from smm2)

Vegetable | snowball (SMB2)

Salad | snowball (SMB2)

Emeralds (Coins):

Smash Coin | emerald

Ruby | emerald

Heart | emerald

Ring | emerald


Berry | wheat (for yoshi)


Leave your ideas what I should add in the comments!


It includes a Lot of Iconic Mario Textures but also some new ones.

The models of most of the entities and some blocks are altered.

In the "American English" Language some names are chagend to

-> The anvil becomes a Thwomp


One file is the music pack. It only includes the music.

So if you like the Mario music you should download that one too.


Featured in thebluecrusaders Top 10 Video


The pack also adds some specific textures for servers to improve the look:

- Hypixel:

- Skywars

- Bedwars

- Murder Mystery

- Qube Craft

- Lucky Islands


Ideas (Example | Please give feadback and post ideas):

- Mario Land Biome

- Hoglin: Bully



If you have further ideas for the pack than feel free to leave a comment below.

(Like Mario enemies that should be in the pack)


Rights of most of the textures and sounds by Nintendo!!!

Special Thanks to:

SixFootBlue (Itembound and Player Villager Models)

and his packs with which I could remove some of the errors I made with Optifine and teaaching me cem animation

Spriters Resource ("sonikku", "Random Talking Bush", "Viper", "Barack Obama")
so I didnt have to recreate every single texture.

for giving good ideas an sprite sheets