Scourge of Orcus - Resource Pack

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764 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 7, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2

The Scourge of Orcus resource pack. This is a custom resource pack for the up-and-coming Adventure Mode pack Scourge of Orcus. This will ship with the Scourge of Orcus Packs. This pack changes up some music and provides custom effects that are used within the Scourge of Orcus Pack. Players are not required to utilize the resource pack while playing the Scourge of Orcus modpack but it is strongly suggested.


The game music has been created by a number of artists including Sn0wshepherd. The majority of the in-game music comes from Sn0wZone however there are some effects from other composers as well. Sn0wshepherd's website is located here:


Custom music has been created specifically for the Scourge of Orcus and to immerse the player within the adventure by other composers as well.


The pack license is Apache License version 2.0 to fit with the distribution requirments of this compilation.