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28,783 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Sassgaard: Cartoony, kinda Norse, kinda bonkers.


Sassgaard is a high-resolution cartoony resource pack, with custom sounds and models. It's a little bit Norse, and a little bit bonkers, with bright, bold colours that give your game a cheery look without being over-saturated and difficult to look at. Each texture is hand-drawn, using a variety of techniques to create a unique look that hasn't been replicated or reproduced.



This pack updates sporadically.  It's the current pack used on the Two Idiots series on Twitch, and updates as we feel like things need to be changed, or as major Minecraft releases come out.


This pack is not a serious Norse pack, nor does it pretend to be.  It's Marvel comics on coke Norse, with things that barely even make sense in context in some places.  We like it that way.



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