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[IR] Peter's Sootian Livery Pack

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NOTE: This pack adds stuff for Immersive Railroading. Nothing works without that mod! Also, as it is a livery pack you need the base packs installed (see below)!

To enable, either place in .minecraft/resourcepacks and enable, or place in .minecraft/config/immersiverailroading (changing .minecraft if you are using a non-default directory)


This pack adds custom liveries for some of the trains in Gibster's Texel Trains pack, basemod Mk1 coaches, some trains in North American Railroads and some trains in Santa Fe - American Locomotives


Current liveries (more is added as and when I get round to it):

Rheilffordd Eryri Newydd:

  • Gibster's Commuter Coaches (1.0)

Premier Trains Sullia:

  • Gibster's Commuter Coaches (1.1)
  • Gibster's SW1200 (branded "Sullian Traction Services") (1.1)
  • Basemod Mk1 coach (1.1)

Sullian Railway:

  • Gibster's Commuter Coaches (1.1)
  • Gibster's SW1200 (1.1)
  • Basemod Mk1 coach (1.1)




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Under the following terms:

  • Attribution - You must give credit to Peter Kitsuné, and the creators of the base packs (TheLegend5550 for the basemod Mk1, Gibster for Gibster's Texel, JPV for North American Railroads, Lachie1770 for Santa Fe). You must declare if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable way, but not in a way that suggests that you or your use was endorsed by the creators.

I request that you include a link to the original page as part of the attribution:

  • NonCommercial - You must not use the material for commercial purposes

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