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I decided to make my own texture pack, one that looked similar to default, but was HD and cartoony.
This is VERY work in progress.

The blocks I have made are:
All logs
Vines, grass
All leaves
All ores -quartz
All ore blocks (including quartz)
Dirt, grass, snow-grass and stone (including Diorite Andesite, Granite)
Ice, snowblock, snow covering
Polished Stone Blocks
Stone Brick Blocks, all variants
Cobble blocks and variants
Slime block
All glass, panes, and colored.
Wool, all colors.

The items I have made:

Mobs I have made:

This was originally going to be just for me to use for fun, but then I noticed how great it is and decided to upload it to planet minecraft and curse forge.


Some pictures:


Ores, Blocks, and Items

All logs and stripped logs.

Stones and polished blocks



A nice view


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