This is Packtober Remastered 

The Ultimate Halloween Themed Resource Pack


This pack is a remaster of Packtober (an older pack I made)


This pack adds lots of halloween related features, from ghost Piglins, to chests that jump up and bite you!


Carved Pumpkin
Jack o'Lantern
Pumpkin Face On Loading Screen
Pumpkin Face On When Worn On Head
Orange leaves
Leaves On Grass
Bone Fence
Scarecrow Wither
Crow Wither Skulls
Scarecrow Armor Stands
Crow Phantoms
Mimic Chest
Creeper Chest
Pumpkin Ore
Crystalised Pumpkin Block
Pumpkin Tools
Trumpet Bows
Note Arrows
Menu Background
Orange GUI
Edition Text
Ghast Eye
End Grass
Orange End Sky
Orange Obsidian
Bleeding Obsidian
Pumpkin Enderman
Dead Chorus Tree
Dead Stone
Pumpkin Shulker & Box
Herobrine Enderdragon
Spider Fangs
Cave Spider Fangs
Witches Cauldron
Skeleton Villagers
Ghost Zombified Piglin
Herobrine Statue
Roofed Beds
Pumpkin Armour
Custom Signs
Candle Torches
Chandelier Lantern
Megalovania Music Disc
Spooky Scary Skeletons Music Disc
Bone Wolf


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