Kyctarniq's x16 Calorie Reduced Resource Pack

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42,068 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 22, 2016 Game Version: 1.10.2

Introducing Kyctarniq's weight loss program. With my new texture pack you get one-quarter the pixels of regular Kyctarniq's Texture Pack but still all the fantastic kyctiness you have come to expect and love.

The 1.9 release is now the main release.  Let me know what you think.  I welcome suggestions. 

Dear friends asked me to make a 16x version of my texture pack because they have the tiniest of computers. Here you are PupFace and qpooh.

The texture pack is bright because I am a happy fellow. The idea driving my work is a resource pack with a more realistic feel while still having distinctive textures that clearly identify everything (thus photo-based rather than photo-real). Everywhere I can, I have used an image of the real thing as the base of my block. The ores are based on actual images of the real ores.

If you want older versions of this texture pack, the download links are in the Update Logs.

All blocks screenshot courtesy of KAB's Resource Pack Showcase

Licence / Permissions (legalistic crap):

  • Please get permission to reuse content from this pack in other packs.
  • Please get permission to re-distribute this content.
  • Please give credit and link to this thread to write reviews with screenshots.
  • Please give credit and link to this thread to make videos using this content.

I've used content the following with permission:


Please tell me what you like and, especially, what you DO NOT like. For the things that are not right, if you can tell me why they are wrong there is a good chance I will fix it, well at least try.

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These are all my texture packs, I bet there is something you like:  


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