Xaiwaker x32 Swirly Resource Pack


Hi Guys,

1.17 is here!

Xaivern made this masterpiece and many have been waiting with great patience for an chance update it. Since Xaivern has declared the resource pack open source, I have decided to update the pack. If Xaivern decides to release his own updates in the future I will gladly stop. I just do not want this brilliant resource pack to disappear.

Licence / Permissions (legalistic crap):

  • Please get permission to reuse content from this pack in other packs.
  • Please get permission to re-distribute this content.
  • Please give credit and link to this thread to write reviews with screenshots.
  • Please give credit and link to this thread to make videos using this content.

I've used content the following with permission:

Please tell me what you like and, especially, what you DO NOT like. For the things that are not right, if you can tell me why they are wrong there is a good chance I will fix it, well at least try.