IR American Caboose Pack

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570 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 8, 2019 Game Version: 1.12

This resource pack requires Immersive Railroading and Track API in order to function!


A collection of various American cabooses meant to be used with the mod Immersive Railroading. All are included with fully authentic and detailed interiors where possible.


Installation: Like any other resource pack, drop this into your resourcepacks folder and enable it in-game to use.

NOTE- For MC 1.10 you must change "pack_format": 3 to "pack_format": 2 in the pack.mcmeta file in order for this pack to work properly.



Contents as of v2.0

   -Bay window caboose in 8 different paint schemes

   -Extended vision caboose in 10 different paint schemes

   -Standard cupola caboose in 10 different paint schemes

   -Another extended vision caboose in an alternate style (windows extended but not entire cupola)


-paint schemes can be cycled through using the in-game paintbrush that comes with IR








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