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Hardcore Quest Mode - Pokehaan 2 Theme

This is a resource pack / texture pack that changes the texture of the "HQM" (Harcore Questing Mode) book in the mod https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/hardcore-questing-mode. HQM is a mod that makes it so modpack creators can setup a book with quest. This resourcepack changes the look of that book, so it is themed around the Minecraft modpack Pokehaan Craft 2.
This pack changes it so the book is themed around Pokemon. It was made for the modpack "Pokehaan Craft 2", that uses the Pixelmon mod. But anyone can use this resource pack, as long as they use the HQM mod.
In this resourcepack the book becomes purple with a pokeball on it. Inside the GUI is purple, the same as a Master Ball.
Screenshot of how it looks ingame: