Pokehaan Craft 2

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Pokehaan Craft 2 (Pokéhaan Craft 2) (MC 1.16.5) - by Kehaan

This modpack is centered around the game Pokemon and the mobilegame Pokemon Go. This modpack is a successor to "Pokehaan Craft". This updated version uses a much newer Minecraft version. There is also a new quest book with challenges and lots of quest. Compared to the first one, that was a updated version of "Pokemon Craft" that Crainer and SSundee played. This one have a quest book with rewards, and there is tons of biomes to explore. And many new secrets to discover. This pack is using the newest version of Pixelmon. Can you catch all the Pokémons? And complete all the quest?

As with previous packs this modpack also features Pokestops, which gives you eggs and other loot. These eggs will change their drops every month, with a new generation of pokemons to hatch (New content update is required to be downloaded to get the new drops every month)

Some of the features of this modpack:
- Pixelmon
- BetterDungeons, Dungeons Arise and more, which adds new dungeons to the game with custom loot.
- Custom mods, that adds new features, this also includes around 2000 lines of recipe changes, with more being added over time.
- Decorate your base with Chipped, Framed Blocks and more
- MysticalAgriculture, with multiple addons lets you grow your own ores as crops.
- Oh The Biomes You'll Go, which adds over 70 new Biomes, with Pixelmon Support, so they spawn in the biomes.
- Over 250 quest, with more getting added in every update
- Performance mods, includes mods like Embeddium, FastWorkbench, ModernFix and more
- Server tweaks have also been done, and mods such as Lootr have been added to insure loot on servers.
- ProjectE, and multiple addons lets you create EMC, and exchange it for other items/resources, using FlowerPowers.
- Tech mods includes Thermal Expansion, BiggerReactors, Tesseracts, Tinkers Construct, RefinedStorage, ForceCraft and more
- Multiple quaility of life improvement mods
And much much more...

Some Screenshots (Click here for more):

The pack is using "Pixelmon" check out their site at: https://pixelmonmod.com/
Kehaan's Blog (Pack dev): http://kehaan.me/
Kehaan's YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Kehaan
Kehaan's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/realkehaan/
Kehaan's Twitter: https://twitter.com/KehaanDK
Pack Art made by: https://twitter.com/hub3rt
If you record/stream this pack, please leave a link back to this page and or my twitter.

How to download/Install the pack:

How to add Shaders (Optional, and no support is given if adding them):

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