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Don't forget you need to use MCPatcher or Optifine for this texture pack to look perfect, it uses Connected Textures.

Hi Everyone,

The evenTime Team did some of the most amazing builds I have ever seen.  Their texture pack was stunningly beautiful and unfortunately, ended at 1.4.7.  I cannot see this excellent pack die with the original 1.4.7 evenTime texture pack being declared  Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.  Unfortunately, the evenTime team borrowed textures from Misa without permission.  She has been incredibly gracious and agreed that I can continue to publish them in this pack.

With the original pack being focused on architecture, many of the survival aspects of the pack were incomplete.  I take great pride in my extensions completing the resource pack to serve a double purpose, gorgeous architecture and a fully playable survival resource pack.  I hope you find them in keeping with the excellent work done by the original evenTime team.

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Screenshot thanks to Kab's Resource Pack Showcase

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Screenshot from the original evenTime post:

Armour, Weapons and Tools:

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