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This project is no longer maintained and won't be receiving regular updates.

Check out Dandelion X by XeroTrinity for another amazing Dandelion variant (with focus on vanilla)!



Some of you might be knowing the original Dandelion. This project is a direct fork of it, but with tons of stuff added and refined and fixed, in both vanilla and modded. So, let's begin:

GENERAL -- about this pack

  • So, first of all I should say: This pack's purpose is not only to serve mod support. It contains many vanilla models, texture fixes and additions!
  • The most popular features are for example vanilla randomized blocks, many fancy models and animations, connected textures with optifine or the CTM-mod, but also many more!
  • It's a simplistic resource pack, using the palette by Neoncube as orientation, mainly for vanilla, mods are textured a bit more freely.
  • Some information regarding the textures: "mods textured" does not necessarily conclude that every asset of the mod is textured in the Dandelion style. The first thing textured are the GUIs, blocks and items are of smaller importance. So let's come to the...

MODS -- Mod list

(Click the spoiler) Also, read the text above regarding the textures, if you haven't already

- Actually Additions (literally one item so far)
- Applied Energistics 2
- Baubles
- Better Achievements
- Biomes o' Plenty (partially)
- Botania
- Chisel
- Crafting Tweaks
- Ender IO
- Forestry
- Industrialcraft 2
- Ironchest
- Just Enough Items (JEI)
  + Just Enough Forestry Bees (JEFB)
  + Just Enough Resources (JER)
  + JEI addon: Block Drops
  + JEI Bees
- Minecraft Comes Alive (MCA)
- Nether Core
- Railcraft
- RFTools
- Storage Drawers
- Tinker's Construct
- Trashslot
- The One Probe (TOP)
+ Obviously so many refinements to vanilla Minecraft!

FURTHER INfORMATION -- contribution | suggestions | issues | questions | where I'm at

...To submit contributions, suggestions, and issues!


...To chat, seek help, just follow my texturepack progress or make memes.

If you have questions, you can either write a comment or just ask me on Discord.

Feedback is of course always appreciated!

CREDITS -- contributors

Steelfeathers is the creator of the original Dandelion

Click here for the Dandelion minecraft forum

Rhinokneel is the author of the gold-, iron- and diamond chest textures from Ironchest

Spidermas99 contributed several cool additions to this pack!

RaphZou allowed me to include his super awesome armor textures

Darkeyson made the sweet screenshots of the mobs you see on this page and in images!


That's a lot of credits. See the credits file in the pack to see everything a bit more detailed


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