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This resource pack makes some blocks and items match Create's aesthetics, vanilla and modded, as well as tweak some Create blocks, these include so far:

- Vanilla dispenser, dropper, lever, pistons and observer textures, as well as repeater, comparator and lever item models.

- Tom's Simple storage blocks and items, all of them (works great with the new item vault).

- Quark item pipe and magnet, as well as inductor and randomizer item models, limestone renamed to peridotite (Create has limestone too).

- Redstone Pen blocks and items re-textured and re-modeled.

- Create copper shingles and tiles having the same texture on all sides, overlapping stone bricks and polished stones (with Quark's) re-textured.

- Immersive Aircrafts planes and items, also fixed item names duplication.


Big thanks to zepjamb for permission to use his copper block textures from Create Copper Fix.

suggestions are welcome!