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Create Immersive Aircrafts

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Download the data pack if you want the corresponding recipes!

You can use this pack and the datapack in modpacks, here and on modrinth etc. but please give me credit!


Version 2.0 is out! New textures for weapons and a 1.20.1 release! Tested and working for Immersive Aircrafts 0.7.1 and Create 0.5.1f

There are 2 separate files to download:

- Resource Pack: Changes the textures (and some names in US language) of crafting items, upgrade items and vehicles of the Immersive Aircraft mod to look more like they belong in the Create Mod

- Data Pack: Changes Crafting recipes of every item to use items from Create to be more balanced with Create's progression (download located here)

Make sure to install both the data pack and the resource pack correctly otherwise textures and recipes won't match properly

Obviously Requires Create and Immersive Aircrafts

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