CoterieCraft Mod Add-On

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8,747 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 30, 2018 Game Version: 1.8

Please note! This Add-On requires CoterieCraft to function correctly. If you did not get thatone yet please download it here:

(This is an official add-on for CoterieCraft)

This add-on for CoterieCraft gives people who play modded a new look to their old mods.

Currently this add-on supports the following mods:

- Aether (textured by Cpt. Corn)
- Botania (textured by 1EnderMiner11)
- Buildcraft (textured by Karst)

- Forestry (textured by Cpt. Corn)
- NotEnoughItems (textured by Karst)
- Pixelmon (textured by Karst & Cpt. Corn)
- Thermal Expansion (textured by 1EnderMiner11)
- Tinkers' Construct (textured by 1EnderMiner11)

- Ex Nihilo (textured by 1EnderMiner11)

- Hardcore Questing Mode (textured by 1EnderMiner11)

Biomes O' Plenty (textured by 1EnderMiner11)


And many more on the way...



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