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is not your traditional faithful pack, it's not default...

Instead, it has evolved into something eye-pleasing and iconic. Call it whatever you want: lush, soft, simple, smooth, HD, cartoony... it's whatever it needs to be to make Minecraft look like the game it ought to be.

is just what I call it...

Coterie Craft intends to improve the appearance and fervor of Minecraft by giving it the textures it deserves, and that goal has been preserved thanks to the efforts of those who continue to use this pack

This pack holds its original inspiration from ExtraNoise's QUANDARY PACK, which featured work from Bonemouse as well as myself, Cpt. Corn.



-ExtraNoise's Quandary Texture Pack (Armor models and birch textures by Cpt. Corn)
-Rhodox's Painterly Pack (Certain sprites, certain mobs, foliage textures, and water texture)
-And work by bonemouse who helped worked on Quandary and his own pack Isabella II

-Vattic's Faithful 32 (Basis for the 32x edition of Coterie Craft)

-Hawkfire44 (Laid the foundation for the 32x edition of Coterie Craft)

-Eld's Eldpack (Pig, cow, and black cat textures within the 32x edition of Coterie Craft only)

FAQ: Can I use your textures?:
If you do the following, you may do whatever you wish with the textures provided in Coterie Craft:

1.) You must display a link to my texture pack in a noticeable location, showing that I'm the original author.
2.) You must NOT use (or those like it) if you are using my textures, given the fact that I do not use myself.


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