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96,771 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 19, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

~~ LAST UPDATE 04.2020 ~~ 

New update, the pack is now only on addon to the Faithfulx32 ! So you need to install this first and then put the chroma addon over :D


Remade for 1.12.2 !



A preview is available in the "Images" category

I've made a video to present the pack which is available right there : HERE !


Basically it's just a pack addondesigned for pvp, here is a list of all the features : 

-Chromatic Pvp Stuff

-Low Fire 

-Clear Glass

-Color corrected Blocks (wool+stained hardened clay)

-Bow band indicator

-Smaller Double grass

-Bordered Ores

-Smooth HP Bar

-Clear GUIs

-Reduced Swords

-Transparent potion particle

And much more...



Pack Inspirations :

  • -Sama Faithful (by AurelienSama)
  • -Faithful 3D Stuff (by CrimsonFluff)
  • -Faithful Enchanted Books (by CrimsonFluff) 
  • -Faithful Emissive Torches (by MrROBUST)
  • -Faithful Jappa CTM Glass (by EpicCOAwesomeKid)



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