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This resource pack works for minecraft versions 1.19.3 and below down to 1.8.9.

This resource pack requires Optifine(Forge) OR Fabric with the mods listed in the spoiler below to work.

Note 1: using this resource pack with Fabric may cause some very minor bugs in certain cat models. Model animations are limited compared to Optifine because of limitations in the required mods.

Note 2: Some base functions are slightly bugged but can be fixed using the following workaround:
To make the cat breeds appear in-game, press F3 + T after taming a cat/ giving a tamed cat a supported name tag.



VERY IMPORTANT: See the required mod configs in the screenshots here: Click here

Pay extra attention at step 10!


Mods needed to make the Better Cats resource pack work with Fabric/Sodium are listed below. All mods go in the minecraft mods folder.


IMPORTANT: Make sure all mods match your version of Fabric.


Fabric (required):

Required mods:
Custom Entity Models (CEM)

Cloth Config API


Entity Texture Features

Mod Menu


Fabric API

Optional (not required but highly recommended for more FPS):





In-Game screenshots of all varieties: Click here



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