This datapack is a custom preset of stat changes for PlayerEx and RelicEx.


To install, add to your world’s datapacks folder or use a mod like Paxi, Global Packs, or Open Loader to add to all worlds automatically.

With the default settings in these mods, high evasion makes ranged PvP completely impossible, strength is way too strong, constitution is practically useless, and dexterity is just a bit weird. 

On relics, high crit damage and lifesteal stats are completely gamebreaking if you get them, but it's very likely even most of your "immortal" tier relics will be useless. This leaves relics either gamebreaking or exceptionally “grindy” with seemingly no way to balance them just by modifying their drop rate.

Thankfully these mods are highly configurable, but it requires a datapack. This pack was made to save modpack developers the time of learning Data Attributes' pack formatting and tweaking the stats themselves.

Intelligence probably feels a bit weak - It's meant to be scaled with Spell Power based magic mods, WizardEx, and the BalanceEx magic addon.  



(Your  PlayerEx config likely needs to be deleted and regenerated before editing)

- In PlayerEx, set the level formula to an exponential one (example: "1+0.05*x^2"). You can also create a level cap - more info is on the PlayerEx wiki. 
- In RelicEx, set mobDropIsTomeChance to 0 and chestsHaveTomeChance to 0. I would also recommend lowering the default mobsDropLootChance to 2, or maybe even 1 if it's meant to be harder or if your pack has many sources of luck. 

New Stat Distributions


  • +0.5 Max Health
  • +0.01 Health Regeneration
  • +0.25 Armor
  • +0.25 Magic Protection (with AdditionalEntityAttributes and BalanceEx Magic Addon)
  • +0.1 Poison Resistance
  • +0.1 Lightning Resistance
  • +0.1 Freeze Resistance


  • +2% Attack Damage
  • +5% Melee Crit Damage
  • +0.1 Knockback Resistance
  • +0.01 Breaking Speed


  • +2% Ranged Damage
  • +5% Ranged Crit. Damage
  • +1% Attack Speed 
  • +1% Movement Speed
  • +0.1 Fire Resistance



  • +2% Melee Crit. Chance
  • +2% Ranged Crit. Chance
  • +2% Spell Critical Chance, with stronger diminishing returns (With WizardEx, Spell Power, and BalanceEx Magic Addon)
  • +0.05 Luck
  • +1% Evasion

Relic Changes:

  • Crit damage relics: 10-290% > 50-170%
  • Crit chance relics: 1-50% > 10-30%
  • Lifesteal Relics: 1-50% > 2-7% 
  • Attack speed Relics: 0.1-2 > 0.5-1.25 (% relics unchanged)
  • Evasion Relics: 1-50% > 10-30%
  • Strength/Dex/Intelligence/Luckiness/Constitution Relics: 0.5-8 > 1-15, 1-50%>15-50%
  • Attack Damage, Ranged Damage Relics: 0.25-4 > 1-6, 5%-50%>15-50%
  • Spell Relic Changes included in the Magic Addon
  • Health Regen Relics > Removed
  • Fire/Freeze/Lightning/Poison/Wither Resistance Relics > Removed