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Please note that only the latest version will be given support. Furthermore, I'm not developing for Forge any longer; this mod now uses Fabric. 

A tentative release has been made available for Minecraft 1.18.2. I fully expect compatibility issues with other mods - and so should you. If you find any, please let me know here.



PlayerEx registers fully functional RPG themed attributes to the game, and adds them to the player by default (i.e. these attributes can be added to other living entities). Also added are player levels, skill points and configurable levelling. The latest iteration is powered by Data Attributes, which is where the bulk of the configurability comes from - please familiarise yourself with it before coming here to ask how to configure things.


For more detailed documentation on provided content and mechanics, among other things, please read the wiki.


An addon mod is also available: RelicEx; this mod offers some expansion items for PlayerEx attributes. Some videos kindly featuring PlayerEx:


Notes and Guidance

  • The last version released that supports Forge was v1.1.8.
  • Please always use the latest version.
  • Please delete config files before updating to another version, as the config files tend to change between major versions as more configurability is implemented.
  • Modpacks are fine.
  • I do not support rehosting. If it's not curseforge than it's not me.
  • This mod comes bundled with (jar-in-jar) Cardinal Components (Base & Entity modules), TextPlaceholderAPI, OfflinePlayerCache and exp4j (credit given).
  • I'm constantly striving for efficient code, and the way my mod group and I like to play is to regularly generate new worlds to play in. Consequently, I place very little importance on modded save persistence between versions and therefore cannot guarantee that worlds generated with this mod will be cross-version compatible. Backup your saves.

Fabric API Required


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