Nostalgia Shader

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What is the Nostalgia Shader?

It is a shaderpack meant to loosely replicate the look and feel of "first-gen" shaderpacks (Seus v08, Chocapic v3 etc.) while also adding new features and visual effects like volumetric fog.



What are the features/effects that this shaderpack has?

  •  custom skybox and lighting colors
  •  dynamic shadows
  •  volumetric fog
  •  wind effects on foliage
  •  shader based vanilla styled clouds (including an option for story mode styled clouds)
  •  second layer of volumetric clouds (partially inspired by super duper pack, but better)
  •  nether and end support
  •  TAA and auto exposure


Where can I download it?

Either here or via my website (link below).


Any Requirements?

Optifine for 1.12 or newer

Version 4.0 and newer require 1.16 until OptiFine finally backports new features
alternatively Iris 1.5.0 or newer

A nVidia or AMD graphics card supporting OpenGL 4.0

Windows or Linux

DUE TO REPEATED ISSUE-REPORTS: Intel HD 5000 Graphics and older are NOT supported!


External Links:

The Offical Website of this Project: Link

The Discord Server: Link

The Shaderlabs Discord: Link