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684K Downloads Updated Feb 25, 2019 Created Jan 28, 2018

A pack departing from the old progression system based around recipe changes | Without Ex...

124K Downloads Updated Aug 1, 2019 Created Jan 26, 2018

Magic,Adventure,Surprises,Dragons,Unicorns.Contains only magic mods like Electroblobs Wizardry and Thaumcraft6.AncientWarfare2 for NPC guarded keeps.Quests and Hunting...

42.5K Downloads Updated Oct 10, 2019 Created Feb 27, 2019

All the Mods on 1.14.4! All of our favorites with a wave of new content.

43.5K Downloads Updated Aug 16, 2019 Created Aug 15, 2019

A Complete Villager Overhaul!

93.5K Downloads Updated Aug 18, 2019 Created Dec 27, 2018

A space exploration modpack where you start from the asteroids dimension.

2.1M Downloads Updated Dec 14, 2017 Created May 9, 2016

Second Iteration: Remake the world or claim a new land/dimension of your choice. An HQM...

190K Downloads Updated Sep 22, 2019 Created May 10, 2018

New to curse! Improved for 1.12. The same as years past. Space, PvP, Tech, and...

1.6M Downloads Updated Nov 2, 2016 Created May 16, 2016

It's skyblock like you've never seen it before! High tech mods, full automation, and chicken...

394K Downloads Updated Jan 20, 2019 Created Mar 13, 2017

An Adventure Questing Pack where both you AND the mobs you face are extremely powerful....

165K Downloads Updated Oct 11, 2019 Created Aug 30, 2017

Town Building over 50k blocks, nuclear reactors, spaceships, planes, trains, cars and trucks.

612K Downloads Updated Jan 11, 2017 Created Aug 21, 2015

An HQM pack set in a desolate wasteland

369K Downloads Updated Nov 28, 2018 Created May 7, 2018

FoolCraft is a Minecraft 1.12.2 Modpack aimed at having as much fun as freakin' possible.

224K Downloads Updated Jul 16, 2017 Created Oct 4, 2016

The Modded Way's Pixelmon pack for the official public server.

426K Downloads Updated Sep 9, 2019 Created Jun 21, 2017

Space Astronomy 2 is a space based modpack, that include loads of the latest tech...

40.6K Downloads Updated Oct 15, 2019 Created Apr 30, 2019

Be the hero and save the world in this one-of-a-kind modded Sci-Fi adventure...

511K Downloads Updated Apr 24, 2015 Created Apr 7, 2015

You've managed to crash land on a dry, dusty planet.

36.2K Downloads Updated Oct 18, 2019 Created Jul 23, 2019

Valhelsia is a 1.14.4 modpack with a mix of tech, magic, exploration and adventure...

496K Downloads Updated Feb 18, 2017 Created Sep 26, 2016

EMC based, skyblock map where you start on a grass block and nothing more, Inspired...

144K Downloads Updated Oct 19, 2019 Created Feb 21, 2017

800+ Quests! | 2 Questbooks! | 82 Mods! | Custom Recipes! | This pack is...

228K Downloads Updated Nov 7, 2015 Created Jun 25, 2015

Sometimes there’s nothing better than the classics. Return to the basics with Vanilla+, a carefully...