Cursed Walking - A Modern Zombie Apocalypse

What is it?

> A fully featured zombie apocalypse modpack for the newest versions of Minecraft.

What are the features?

> Available for 1.16.5, 1.18.2, 1.19.2, and 1.20.1

> Regularly updated with new content (also updates to the newest versions of Minecraft when possible)

> Included tons of zombie related content, such as hordes, mutant zombies, and even infection!

> Lots of other content including guns, cars, cities, blood moons, modern armors, siege weapons, and more.

Play on a server:


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> Includes only the barebones of a zombie apocalypse.
> A good base to create your own zombie apocalypse modpack.
> Good if you have a low end system and/or want better fps.


> A medieval modpack that focuses on faithfulness, good performance, and balance.
> Tons of content, while still staying under 100 mods.
> Exploration encouraged.
> Multiple late game bosses.


> A modpack inspired from RLCraft with many hardcore elements

> Challenging progression system, lots of hostile mods, difficult health system.
> OG bosses have been remastered, and a new powerful endgame boss has been added.
> Good for those who want to make Minecraft more challening.


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> Check the frequently asked questions in the spoiler below:

How to play:


1. To get started, go to the files tab and look at the different versions of the Cursed Walking modpack that are available. More details on the differences between these is available in the above spoiler.

2. Next, start the modpack. Once the Minecraft launcher opens up, check how much RAM you have allocated and make sure to set it to at least 4GB, preferably 6GB. This modpack is pretty RAM demanding, and if you are playing with shaders or at a higher render distance you may need to allocate up to 8GB of RAM. Watch this video if you are unsure how to allocate RAM. If you are experiencing lag spikes in game, it is most likely because you have not allocated enough RAM.

3. If you are playing single player, create a new world. In the world creation menu, you have the option to enable city generation by clicking the button at the top right that says "Cities." In this menu you can choose from a variety of different city presents, or customize city generation manually.

4. To enable the resource packs that are available with this modpack, go to settings>resourcepacks then move the resource packs that are available on the left, to the right, by clicking on the arrow. 

Q: I am trying to play the Cursed Walking modpack on a server but there is a crash/bug/issue.
A: The Cursed Walking modpack is currently not multiplayer compatible out of the box, so expect issues if you are playing this modpack on a server. However, if you are playing this modpack with Scalacube hosting, the modpack should work as intended. A good alternative, if you don't want to use a server, is the Essential mod, and it works with this modpack. 

Q: Are there server files available for this modpack?
A: Yes, but I did not make them so I cannot attest to their reliability. They are available in a pinned message in the help channel on my discord server.

Q: Optifine/Oculus is crashing/freezing the modpack; what do I do?
A: Please read the changelog of the version you are trying to play. In some versions, Optifine and/or Oculus does not work, or requires certain mods to be removed so it can work.


> Join my discord server and read the faq and crash fixes channel there. 

> If your question has not been answer in any of these places, ask a question on my discord server in the appropriate channel. If you ask a question that has already been answered, you will be ignored.

> Note: I don't check the comments here often, so if you ask a question here you might not get answered.



> Video showcase of the newest version:


> Past video showcases

 A showcase of version 4 of the modpack below:

A showcase of version 2 of the modpack below.

A showcase of version 1 of the modpack below.


> Info on the meaning of alpha vs beta vs Release:

Alpha: These files have known issues and it is not recommended you use them. It can have a small known problem, or a large one (like the game crashing on startup). They exist only as a way to transfer the modpack versions between my different devices. These files will be deleted when they are no longer needed for my use.

Beta: These files are most likely fine, but they have not been tested rigorously. There may be crashes or other bugs, but it is unlikely they are game breaking. These files will be deleted when a Release for the version is ready.

Release: These files have been tested thoroughly and should operate as planned. It is recommended to play a Release over a beta file. However, there still could be issues my team or I have not caught. Let me know about any issues you run into. These files are permanent, and most likely will not be deleted.


> Info on the difficulty levels:

Normal Difficulty: This is the easiest difficulty level for the Cursed Walking modpack, and is the difficulty level present in all versions of the modpack except where stated otherwise. The health system is normal, you don't have to worry about thirst and temperature, and zombies don't infect you. While this is the easiest version, it still is challenging so be careful!


Hard Difficulty: This version builds upon the Normal Difficulty version and adds more mods to make surviving harder. It is denoted by the "(Hard)" at the end of the name of a version of the modpack. While playing with this difficulty level, you will have to heal yourself with bandages; normal healing is disabled. There is also a 25% chance to get infected with the zombie virus if a zombie hits you. The infection will kill you in five minutes. To cure the infection, eat a golden apple. More zombies will spawn during the day, and zombies can mine blocks.

Custom: A custom difficulty preset made to work with the zombie apocalypse map I am working on. It is only available for the 1.16.5 version of the modpack. In terms of actual difficulty, it sits somewhere between Normal and Hard Difficulty. While this was made specifically for the map I am working on, it can be played without the map just fine.


Zombie Apocalypse map

> If you would like to play on a custom built map for this modpack, my builder team and I have built a large one. It has a large city, expansive suburbs, lots of loot and lore, and two endgame storylines. It is available for download on my Patreon page.


> Frequently asked questions and info about the map:

Q: How do I download and play the map?
A: You can find zip files with more instructions on how to download on my Patreon page.

Q: Will the map be free when a full release is ready?
A: No, the map will stay on my Patreon page until a second full release is ready (a very long time).

Q: Can I help work on the map?

A: Maybe! There is an application to become a builder. For more info, join the discord server dedicated to it.

Q: What version of Cursed Walking runs the map?
A: The newest 1.16.5 version is made specifically for the map.

Q: I want to know more specifics about the map!
A: Check for more info on the aforementioned discord server, or ask me there if your question hasn't been answered.



> If you would like to support me (for working on the map, modpack, Youtube videos, or whatever), consider becoming a Patron. There are different tiers available so you can choose how much you want to support, and also how many perks you get in return. Click the image below to check out my page.



  • Big thanks to MarbledNull for the title!
  • Thank you to my admins, staff team, and helpers on my Discord server for helping out and answering questions.
  • Also, big thanks to my team who is helping me develop the Zombie Apocalypse map for this modpack!
  • And thank you to all of you who have made suggestions, let me know about errors, etc!