Overwhelming numbers of Zoo and Wildlife Animals Water mobs can be cleared with the command /fzkk

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Lightweight, lighthearted and addictive, this sandbox style modpack is inspired by the popular "Zoocrafting" YouTube Series by Seri! Pixel Biologist. ZooKeepR brings ZooKeeping into the 1.12 Modded Minecraft Era and makes it possible for you too to have "So much to do in the zoo!".


ZooKeepR Menagerie

ZooKeepR contains a carefully selected combination of mods, designed to enable you to guide your world to life.  This pack includes entire menageries of animals (friend, foe, familiar, exotic and mythological). 

ZooKeepR FlamingoesZooKeepR HippoZooKeepR Giraffe

While exploring you will discover villagers with exclusive trades as well as many unique combinations of biomes, plants, structures, treasures and animals.



Your zoos and other builds will feel right at home among the plentiful resources gathered in a vast variety of ways. Bring your imagination, enthusiasm and curiosity this pack rewards you for what you bring into it.


It's a fantastic gnu world full of amazing animals, to make the best zoo ever! Start yours today!

Servers:  You're welcome to set up and run your own servers with this modpack, in fact its lots of fun to.  We've tested it on our servers.  We did not include FTB Utilities or any sort of chunk loading/claiming.  If you feel you need this, you will need to add it yourself.