Zoo Adventure Farming & Magics (ZAFM) Hardcore

6,748 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 15, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2  

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Thanks for supporting the mods! In the latest 1.2.2 version we have accumulated 1000 downloads!


Zoo Adventuring Farming & Magics (ZAFM) is a modpack based on Animals abundance, aggressive hostile mobs. You are a new challenger to the world, use your magic to defeat furious mobs! This modpack intends to test out the skills that you have in Minecraft Vanilla but to an extent with more dragons and creatures you never experienced.

Important notes:

The latest update of ZAFM will be based on more realistic survival and higher difficulty.
ONLY FOR CHALLENGERS AND HARDCORE PLAYERS ;) (just kidding, everyone can play)
Be aware that the latest version is really at higher difficulties.

Suggested Gaming Experience

I personally suggest this mod to be played on a server. I mean at least multiplayers. The morph mod is for you to play hide and seek and roles(Villain/Plebs/Good/Knight/Whatsoever) if you have on server. Currently I am too poor and lack of knowledge for a server.


6 GB RAM required to run smoothly without shaders.

8 GB RAM recommended if you would like to use shaders.


Technic Pack Launcher (Updated to the latest version)



Discord Server

Looking for feedback and suggestion :) I will try taking consideration into every feedbacks.

Removed Ignite HUD!
Hi ppl, if you would like to keep Ignite HUD in this modpack please tell me!


Credits to mods

Ice and Fire Mod: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/ice-and-fire-dragons?gameCategorySlug=mc-mods&projectID=264231

Animania: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/animania?gameCategorySlug=mc-mods&projectID=261199
(By Purplicious_Cow and RazzleberryFox )

More to be added

My other modpacks:


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