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MagicRoo is created by MapleNomy. This modpack is a hardcore magical themed medieval pack. 
MagicRoo aimed to be a multiplayer pack rather than a single player in general.
I have been thinking about being as hardcore as it could be. In this modpack, I have decided to make it more difficult than ever. Introducing the "Better with mods". This mod would definitely enhance what a real Minecraft gameplay should be. For weapons, we have the Tinker Construct, definitely we can have fun with being a blacksmith! With magic, we have Electroblob's wizardry, Rustic and some more. I bet all of you want to decorate your house as well, we have bibloCraft, Patchwork.. and so on! The adventure would definitely not be bored for anyone. It's because everyday you would fight for living unless you are having a good community of players giving protection!

So how does multiplayer actually work? 
I have chosen ordinary coins to be the main currency for the pack. The coins from Patchwork would be artifact that you can find from dungeons. You may use it for trading but on our official server, we give me more value that normal ordinary coins! We have vending blocks and Quark at the same time making sure all trading are fair! I have removed the morphing from the pack since its a lil overpowered! 

The direction of playing this pack is to create a little village or Kingdom if you would like to have one! Or it can be player based city or whatever it could be! Tektopia is implemented to let players create their own little village and have fun! Millenaire is for achievement and trading as well as creating more NPC in the world so its less boring :3  Trading with NPC might grant you new knowledge!!

Seasons and Survival
As you may have aware we have Tough as Nail and Serene Seasons. Yes! Super Deadly if you are not ready now! But you will learn as you play for longer!

I hope you guys are excited and be ready for the journey of making a farm, building your own village, trading with players, go against monsters with other friendly players!
I will see you all on the server!

  1. Goal
  2. Reaching 1000 Dowloads

  3. System Requirement:
    RAM required: Minimum of 4GB (Essential to successfully load and prevent lag)
                               Recommended 6GB just to run smoothly.The modpack has requirement on your CPU as well. Make sure they have clockspeed of 2.7GHz and above, able to overclock up to 4.4Ghz and more!

    Question: I wanna run shaders! I am laggy!!
    Answer: If you have decent GPU, please run the game with GPU. It is ok to run on integrated graphic card. Just dont use shader in this case.

    Server Requirement:
    RAM Required: 4GB required
    Make sure it can load the map ahead first.

  4. DIscord Link:

    modpack published by: Maple_Nomy from The Leonreverse



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