YATP is yet another minecraft tech modpack, but with some twists.


Build some awesome tech from Power Stations, to Factories, Mines and much more. Feel like going for a cruising? Build a vehicle and drive it around.

Bring out you inner magician with some magic or just color your world into a rainbow with colored lighting. Explore the world with Biomes O Plenty and dive into some deep dark dungeons and who knows, you may find something cool!


This pack is currently a kitchen sink style pack, but will change as new versions get released

  • FlowsHD x128
  • ProjectLuma
  • Optifine


Note: Do not enable colored lux if you plan on using optifine!

* Dual Core or better CPU

* 8GB of ram minimum (Pack can run with 6GB memory allocated. Any less may cause the pack to be unstable)

* Intel HD or better GPU (if it runs minecraft, it should work)



Report bugs or issues on my DISCORD or on the YATP Github