World of Dragons Ultra Lite (WOD)


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In a world filled with dragons, hippogriffs, pegasi, sirens, cyclops, medusi, pixies and more, will you find what you need to rule them all? High Technology and Magic combine to give you the best fighting chance against the dragons. Should your parallel world be filled with the souls of others who have fallen asleep and awoke with you items and blocks from Security Craft will come to your aid in protecting and securing your most prized possessions, with locks, secret doors, and booby traps!


Use Tinkers and it's companion mods to mine for the resources you need to get started in ComputerCraft and Thermal Expansion (full suite). Use these tools to beat those Dragons into submission!


World of Dragons has over 200K downloads now and sadly a great many of you can't play it. The World of Dragons Lite was supposed to be that answer but sadly it was so close to the 4GB limit that you figured why bother!


Fret no more, this version works on 2.5GB of RAM and yes there's a dedicated server for it too.

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