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Wizards VS the World

Wizards VS the World

By: CarbonProton


The Goals

In this modpack, you play as a new mage on their way to complete the Trial of Talents, a gauntlet of some of the world's strongest beings. At the end of this road lies the title of Master Wizard!

Along the way, you will be completing tasks to become stronger, casting spells, and raiding huge dungeons. Good luck mage!


The Details

This modpack is focused primarily on the mod Mana and Artifice (the official sequel to Ars Magica 2). It has a complete quest book guide to the mod, which will take you through progression and point you towards some handy things in the mod that might otherwise go under the radar. Mana and Artifice is the primary intended way for the player to gain power. In addition to MnA, you also have Corail Tombstone for some more quality-of-life abilities. 


There are a variety of structures in the pack added by mods, these pose a unique challenge and can act as free bases should the player complete them with minimal structural damage.


Bosses come from a variety of mods, including Meet Your Fight, Mowzie's Mobs, and Bossominium. Some items have been banned due to instability, and will be removed from your inventory on pickup; these are all from the Bossominium mod and are not required for progression.


The Postgame

With your wizard game mastered, you are free to build and explore as you please! In multiplayer, going toe-to-toe with your friends is always a good option.