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How to Knap flint in the real world



This pack is dedicated to all of those we have lost who are no longer with us in life. On September 27, 2016 my youngest brother passed away. In honor of him and others like him I have built this pack, it has a slow progression in the early stages, has real rivers, cave and other underground systems and both Immersive Engineering and Draconic Evolution. There are a couple of magic mods too.


The emphasis is on exploration and enjoying life, not sitting around in your lab building the machines or conjuring strange and powerful spirits.


To get started you will need to find gravel and process it with your hand into flint, then you will need to left click that flint against a stone block to make knapped flint. Now find some tall grass and wack on it till you get some vines from it. Finally, hit some leaves to get sticks, craft the the vines, knapped flint and stick in your personal crafting grid to make a hatchet, now chop a tree and make bigger version. That should slow you do for about 30 minutes to an hour.


Have fun!

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