Volts Classic

6,369 Downloads Last Updated: May 30, 2019 Game Version: 1.7.10  

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Volts is a competitive lightweight PvP modpack focused around ICBM-Classic. It includes very few mods so to allow people to focus more on competitive gameplay than on a technology race.


Voltz was a modpack created by calclavia's Universal Electricity team.  The original concept for the pack was to showcase mods made by the team. At some point this was changed to create a PvP modpack for the technic team. Who promoted the modpack on their launcher for several years and helped bring it to light. Though a combination of youtube and other sources the pack received downloads in the millions at its peak.


Sadly this didn't last forever and the modpack dropped. Recently the technic team has decided to no longer support the pack. Due to this we have released this pack and Voltz II as continuations of the original mudpack. After all it seems only right for some of the original UE developers to continue the work.


What is BBM?

BBM stands for 'Built Broken Modding and Gaming'. We are a group started by Darkguardsman/DarkCow to produce mods, software, and systems for games. The original group was created while still working as part of the UE team. After darkguardsman left the team the group was official created to work on ICBM & Artillects. When Calclavia quit modding Dark was given many of the UE mods and modpacks. This included all rights to update the modpack and continue it's mission. 



Q: Why not call the pack voltz?

A: Technic claims to own the name and trademark. We have decided its not worth it to fight them over it.


Q: Does this mirror the original?

A: For the most part, though we have added mods


Q: How do I make a server?

A: Same as any other modpack, download a server, install forge, add mods exclude client only mods. 


Q: Can you provide a server.zip?

A: At the moment we do not have the time to generate a zip per update.


Q: Does the pack force PvP?

A: No, the pack can be played in anyway a user wants. The only things that makes it PvP is the selection of mods. 


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