Uno Niner Four Mega Pack

Last Updated: Jun 27, 2016 Game Version: 1.9.4


May 23, 2016

Owner: kreezxil

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Bisect Hosting

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How to setup the server


We each get a free house in this pack, whether you play SSP or SMP. The house comes with a Mineshaft, starting chests, and basic vanilla items we all have to craft anyways.


Beefy Gaming Plays My Pack 


You know my love for mega mod packs and here's my version of it for the 1.9.4 tier. What makes it different from the others that are out and will be coming out? I update multiple times per week, and throughout the entire year. Unlike college and school bound people, and even those bound to corporate jobs, I have none of those obstacles. I am always available to update, tweak and listen to your ideas.


Note: Xaero's Mini Map is shown inset top left. The map works well with the pack. However if you use my curse pack you will have to install this yourself. If you use my MMC pack found on  my website, link below, the map mod will be in there automatically.


You can always tweet me at @kreezxil and stay up to date with all of my activities at


Want to see more awesome features like an 8 core dedicated server as an example? Then consider donating to me at

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I am a Veteran of the US Army. I am not disabled. I spend a lot of time buildings mods and packs for you. Any help you can lend me at would be greatly appreciated.


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