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Pre-emptive Note 1: The Modpack is relatively hefty. I suggest 5 gigs to play as it uses a little over 3.5-4ish gigs by the time it's loaded. (if thats a bit much, sorry, but it was a lot more when I had forestry and binnies mods still installed. >_>')


Pre-emptive Note 2: Want to make it a server? Easy! Just download the installer for the right version of forge and tell the installer to install a server. Once it's installed and working, simply copy the config, mods and scripts folder from the pack to the server. Clientside only mods should get turned off automatically by the server if it picks them up.


Pre-emptive Note 3: If you need optifine, go ahead and install it! I use optifine with the pack just fine, just get the latest one and pop it in the mods folder. Only a few minor graphical hiccups for a lot more FPS if you need it as far as I can tell.


BIG NOTE: please update player zombies manually if you're having crashes from it, it is apparently fixed in later versions. I cannot update the pack until dank null has a working version I can use without breaking some quests etc.


Transcendence Top Image


Today I bring you, Transcendence!


Currently still work in progress this pack is a combat, exploration RPG type pack. I tried to use some alternative mods to the usuals such as using silent gems, embers, astral sorcery and immersive engineering and Traverse.


The pack also has a number of mods that have the power to directly improve your character with skills and powers such as the monk mod, cybernetics, angel of vengeance, learnable skills and Electroblobs wizardry. With some skills being already there, like wall jumps and double jumps!


The modpack is mostly all set up and just requires me to gradually write out the story in the form of the quests and refine out any bugs. The quests follows the story of a character from my "modpack universe" as I call it, basically like a short story in a modpack unlocked as you play rather than being a solid mandatory handholding tutorial meant to funnel you through deep progression.


There's no extreme hand holding or particularly gated content, however an eventual Goal will be gathering the resources to make and access the Minestuck mod which will then unlock Mystcraft to go at it with. Requiring exploration of other dimensions first as a pre-requisite. But of course, do enjoy the journey there first. ;)


Old steve, or "Mature Steve" in this, is a character from one of my other modpacks called Aetherwars Infinite it's over on Technic launcher for 1.7.10. Chronicling his existence and adventure through this world that he came to and his eventual rise in strength and transcendence with help from his friends (the 4 in the main picture).


Speaking of which, try playing the pack with a friend or two! Minestuck works well with more people existing and so does the likes of angel of vengeance with it's classes etc. Along with the inclusion of the mod player revive you can help pick up your friends if they fall and cover each other through a hardcore game. How much can you get done in one set of lives? :o


Enjoy, and please provide feedback and/or join my discord to give me feedback suggestions or just hang out.


 Modpack contains Nutrition mod by WesCook, which is a curse third party allowed mod available from Github!


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