Trackraft Modpack (OffTheTrackraft)

140 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 28, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

OffTheTrackraft is a modpack made for multiplayer use, that revolves around the culture of assistance, kindness, and creativity, by giving players new options to interact with other players. For example, Trackraft adds the "Vending Block" mod which automates the trading of players to keep transactions scam-free! Also in the pack, the "Good Ol' Currency" mod which adds an economy based on its' bills, which even includes vending alternatives! An unnoticeable feature is the food mods, which add a great number of new crops to harvest and manufacture! Trackraft, for short, is a project a few months in the making by Grify. It comes pre-installed with a resource pack (Assembled by Grify as well) for updating some textures and sounds but mainly for the revamped English (US) language (Filled to the brim with shameless self-promo, of course!). If you have some friends coming over for the night, send the link around and have some fun! (Instead of the buggy nights of frustration the preceded the famed Twitch launcher!)


Please report bugs to our forums, instead of commenting.


Version 2 will come out in 2019 and will add Galacticraft and some add-ons at the expense of the least used and favored mods (According to YouTube and comments)


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