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Hello again, guys! - Welcome back, but to another Mod!? - Yes, in fact, this Mod RIGHT HERE is one of the 4-8 Parts of a "Modular Installation" of my BRAND NEW Mods!


This Mod is named: ObsidiCore! by: Jaden LeMieux A.k.a. Red (Jaden LeMieux) + Others & Friends!


This set of Mods Add A LOT of useful things into your Minecraft Game!:


-Main Feature: Obsidian Axe, named: "Obsidiaxe", has twice as much durability than an Unenchanted Diamond Axe, and around the speed of said Axe. (The start, or Main Idea)


-Obsidiaxe Recipe = 3 Obsidian and 2 Sticks, in an Axe Form.


-More Biomes w/ More Dimensions, with more food types within...


-Tanzanite - From the Biomes O' Plenty Mod was my inspiration, but I added Tanzanite into this Mod for a Less Laggy Option for Players.


-Some Pretty Decoration Blocks!


-The Capability to do a ton of Alchemy - And Transform Modded and Vanilla Items between themselves too!


+More Coming in the NEAR Future!



Thanks for all of your support!









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