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Tinkers' Survival

Tinkers' Survival was started when ashar42 wanted to make Minecraft actually challenging again. Back in the Beta days, survival was tough. Surviving your first night was problematic. Well, that changed when Notch hired folks who basically made it more like Animal Crossing than a zombie apocalypse survival game. This is a reinvented game based around that concept. This is NOT Vanilla Minecraft, don't try to play it like it is!

Tinkers' Survival Official Modpack is challenging, but not impossible to survive. (Checkout Hardcore Nightmare IV if you want something more difficult). It has an excellent progression that requires both Tinkers' Construct and Immersive Engineering. There is advanced mob AI, health, hunger, thirst, heat/cold, and weather dynamics. Days have been extended to make exploring more feasible.

There is quite a variety of biomes. Each biome is a little more hilly than Vanilla to make exploration a bit more interesting. Ores are expanded to include several interesting ores, and an different ore progression mostly based around alloying!

There are 5 mining levels, details of each level - including alloy recipies and mining levels - are included at the end of the Tinkers' Survival Guidebook. To get to top tier tools, weapons and armor, you'll need to progress through each tier by creating materials hard enough to mine the next level.

It is important to remember:

- No sleeping. You'll have to deal with monsters. Hide at night!
- Vanilla and Vanilla-like tools and weapons don't work. All tool progression is based around Tinkers'Construct tools and weapons.
- Vanilla-like armors are disabled entirely. Create armor with Construct's Armory.
- The only way to craft Wooden Planks and Sticks is with a saw.
- Crude tools are necessary to create items needed for crafting Tinkers' tables and tools.
- Sleeping
- Move fast or you will probably die.

Note: There is a great walkthrough, including all of this information in the Tinkers' Survival Guidebook you receive when you first log in. If you die with the book in your inventory, it will stay with you upon respawn.


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