mDiyo on the pack:

I would change Day 1 in “Slimes and Pain”


This is a small modpack with a minimal set of mods that takes place in Superflat.
The pack/challenge/idea was designed by mDiyo.

You start in a superflat overworld with Netherrack and Crimson Nylium, with a few items, an End Portal at 0,0 and the nothingness.

There are various changes to recipes to make things possible.
Also a bit of vanilla knowledge is required so, just in case: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Minecraft_Wiki this is your friend (there might be more ways to obtain stuff that can't be displayed in JEI).

There are a few advancements, but more are planned as sort of an in-game guide/progress thingy, but for the most part, JEI is your friend to check how to obtain something, If there's something unobtainable or incredibly painful to obtain, leave a comment and it'll take care of it.


For a full list of changes check this Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16vg4adKd5rHMjPo85RalfHbOPxNlLE3y0CDCw8BtE9Y/edit?usp=sharing


Also never have Creepers near Skeletons