Tim's immersive experience-Engineers life

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Tim's Immersive Experience: Engineers Life is a fantastic modpack themed around engineering, adventuring and building. Many things have been added, removed, altered to give the optimal player experience. Almost 2 weeks of work has been spended in building this modpack. Fixing things, checking things and hopefully i haven't overseen anything!


Before you start, read this:


Adding or removing mod(s) is not supported and may crash your game.

Do not alter the configs or the script, unless you truly know what you do!

First of all i recommand worldtype BIOMESOP, wich has been configured as the default.

That's right you are ready to play right away.

I have also added a resource pack to alternate the copper block from Immersive Engineering.

It will then look more copperish. If you prefer green coroded copperblocks , no hard feelings!


The gameplay:


You will start with basic wooden tools, a sword, some apples and a food journal.

Vanilla planting has been disabled, you will need to start with agricraft farming system.

Ores can no longer be smelted in a furnace, built a smeltery from tinkersconstruct.

The smeltery no longer doubles your ore outcome, the crusher (IE) will do this for you.

You can no longer craft a variety of things like plates, gears, buckets in the way you used to know.

You will need to use casts from TiCo to get started. Build the press later.

Some Items has changed their building material, like buckets are now made of steel.

Hint: your first bucket will be a clay bucket!

Basicly the modpack is about improving/advancing. You will have lots of things to do and hopefully you won't get bored!


So what's inside?




Immersive Engineering

Immersive Petroleum




More Bees

Tinker Construct

Iron Chests



The Spice of Life

Enchanting Plus

Ender Zoo

Clay Bucket





Weareable Backpacks

Wolf Armor


JEI Bees






Spartan Shield

Redstone Paste

Hopper Ducts

Gravestone Mod

Durability Show



Bed bugs

and some library's that come with some of these mods.

At last we have TIE-Addon. A special very small mod i made with MCreator to add some necessary

extra stuff to the game to get the optimal experience!

 Known bugs/issues:


Some of the mods are incomplete, but yet very good playable. Therefore i had to disable, remove some stuff of several mods. Don't worry i didn't removed all the fun stuff. Having to meet a bug or crash midgame is not really enjoyable, so i took care of that!



Forestry weather machine has been disabled. Only the gods shall control the weather!



All of the electric related stuff in railcraft has been disabled, just because you can't make the railcraft power yet(not implemented yet). So no electric trains. No tunnelbore also. There appears to be a server stalling bug when certain conditions are met. I disabled it for safety reasons. You will have plenty other stuff that can replace this feature. You may also enable the tunnelbore and the bore discs on your own risk! You will also be able to craft railcraft plates in the rolling machine. Apparently there is no crafttweaker/modtweaker support for railcraft yet, so i couldn't remove the recipes. While the railcraft plates can still be crafted, there isn't a use for it, except you can turn them into IE plates!



You can make waterpads, but i found no use for them. Probably stiil in development.

Seed analyser isn't working, so no seed upgrades, research, etc etc.

Water container and all related blocks and sprinkler are still WIP, so disabled.



I removed most stuff from the JEI list that are not in use or not needed to be in that list.

Some recipes might be showen wrongly or not at all.

If they don't show in JEI but has to be ingame, rest assure, the recipes are ok.




I do not own any of these mods (except TIE-Addon more or less). Please make some time free to look at there project site and if you like any mod of this modpack, feel free to donate to the modowner(s)!

If you find any bugs related to a mod specificaly report it to them. If you finda bug related to the modpack, let me know asap.




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