Timeless Technician

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G'day. Today I'm bringing you a 1.12.2 modpack, I have called Timeless Technician.



Timeless Technician is primarily a tech centered, Semi-hardcore, combat focused modpack with questing!


Allow me to break it down:



(but not expert)

you've only got one life, set by better questing even outside of hardcore. If you fully "die" when you respawn it will be in spectator mode. You don't regenerate health normally and start with less of it, but have absorption shields that restore after a delay (sorta like halo if you need to compare it to something), so to heal damage you need healing items.

However, you have a mysterious ability to Regenerate like a Timelord changing your looks and genetic perks in a blast of fire and energy when you would have been "killed".

The power is gifted initially from a gold engraved fob watch found in your satchel keeping you alive atleast 12 times after taking a mortal wound. Of course, Regeneration isn't perfect, you're still damageable while regenerating despite it blowing away mobs and restoring health rapidly, but you can still be killed by sufficiently overwhelming damage. After regeneration you're both powerful and vulnerable, experiencing varying levels of regeneration sickness etc. But there are ways to gain more regenerations. Store them, and also ways to prevent death from other mods that you can collect in the off chance it's all not enough for the mess you got yourself into.


There are no new progression blocks or hefty long spanning crafting changes keeping you from pursuing your favorite mods how you want to. Although I do redo crafting recipes for certain powerful items I deem as being quite a bit strong.

To gain more health you can also eat lots of different foods from around the world or make heart crystals from scaling health!

Further the light on the surface changes with the phase of the moon thanks to Hardcore Darkness! The darkness really is something to fear as you delve deep with Yungs Better caves, or fight your way through Roguelike dungeons if you're feeling lucky!

Finally, In Time Presence must be used to be able to go to other dimensions for an extended period of time (invasions also pull you back to overworld, so theres no use hiding in other dimensions!)



Combat focused

(with satisfying mobility!)

mob spawns are higher than usual, mods like Grimoire of Gaia, The Dalek mod, special mobs, Special AI, infernal mobs, Zombie awareness and Scaling Health are all in the pack to make life hard for you.

The Mobs also seem to want you dead and will periodically invade and track you down through the Hostile Worlds mod. Some mobs spawned for invasions are able to mine, track and stack their way to you as you try to defend yourself.

Despite a lack of tinkers or Silent gems there are other options such as dualwielding in combat and using things like Spartan shields and Weapons, or bringing allies such as Doggy Talents dogs,  Rats, Open modular turrets or even tiny clay soldiers to help you out and turn the tide!

Mobility options are supreme and satisfying, using a combination move plus for dodging and ledge climbing, wall jump for wall jumping, wall clinging, double jumping and heightened fall damage dampening so you can jump off things with more confidence and hooked which provides a set of easily used bauble based grapple hooks to tie your climbing all together, all at the very minimum! Swing, grapple, leap and climb your way up mountains, across jungle canopies and through ravines and other world generations. Who needs to build?



Tech Centered

(but not quite a kitchen sink)

A good number of your probably favorite and well known tech mods are installed, including Ender-IO, Mekanism, Immersive Engineeering, Actually Additions, Extra Utils 2, Cyclic, Matter overdrive, Embers and Refined storage.

You can mine for resources using Factory Zero Resources or immersive engineering. augment yourself with cybernetics or Genetics, build with the building gadgets, mine with ore excavator, make a reactor to power everything and maybe, if you live long enough, you can bring time itself under your sway with (edited recipe) Torcherinos and the parabox (end game).



With Story Based Questing

(in second person, no less!)

There's plenty more things around to know about of course. Such as the story of the Technician written throughout the quests. Many quests in this contain lots of written story for you to enjoy but also wrap up casual pointers and directions to cool items or mechanics you should probably know about.

Rewards are often just experience and heart crystal packages with items related to the quests, however there are also Prestige achievement quests. Prestige quests give you points which can be used early in the game to gain some bonus starting equipment for your new runs if something went south on a previous attempt to quickly speed you on your way. Although it's fine if you don't really want to utilize prestige, it's not needed to gain access to any items or mechanics!


A story sample from the introduction in the spoiler here if you're interested!

(at this point the player is sent a sound when the quest completes)

(cliff hanger! theres more to the memory, but you'll need to play. ;) )




Of course that's not all, there are plenty of mods and other things in here to play with such as:

Mysteries and ancient beasts to dig up in Fossils and Archeology.

You could build a large sprawling colony to support you in defense of your world with Mine Colonies.


Want to lend a hand?

(pretty please?)

Mechanically and in a story sense, Timeless Technician is complete. You can play through quests and enjoy the story. But other points of constant improvement also stand. Such as difficulty, mob invasion expansions, loot tables and villager trades and other such things. So if you have suggestions, let me know and I'll take them into consideration.


If you'd like to get involved in the pack and/or have a chat with me about feedback, the story etc I have a discord you can get to from here. Give me some suggestions or let me know how easy, hard, good or bad you think the pack is! :) Otherwise, please enjoy!


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